south carolina aquarium

IMG_1943You know we took the kiddos to the SC Aquarium a couple of weeks ago. I was writing a story for Kidding Around Greenville (I’ll share the link when it’s published). We thought it would be fun to make a weekend of it. I know you’re not surprised – any chance I have to spend a few days by the sea, I’m gonna take it! 


IMG_1941I don’t want to write too much here, but the aquarium was so much better than I remembered. This was my second time visiting. I’m going to share a handful of my pictures today and you can read the rest of our experience soon over at KAG.



IMG_1949Perhaps the best thing about this aquarium is it’s location.


IMG_1956The very first thing we did was touch the stingrays. They both had to take a ray of their own home.


IMG_1998I’m pretty sure JP could stare at fish all day long. Me too.




IMG_1982Everyone was fascinated with the size of the Eagle’s nest. Cool Fact: the children’s home JP lived in for the first ten months of his life is called the Eagle’s Nest! For that reason, he got a real kick out of this.






IMG_2019If you get the chance to travel to the SC Aquarium, you really should. We had a wonderful time.

I hope you guys have had a great week. Around here, we are ready for the weekend. Preston’s baseball will officially begin tomorrow, so our Saturdays will be filled with dirt, bleachers and Big League Gum for a while. I’ll be sure to share photos once I get the chance to take some – his team is so cute!




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  1. I love these pictures. I’ve never been to the aquarium, and now I want to go. I had NO idea that eagle’s nests were that big?! That is a great display. I love the turtles and the starfish. And the bronze starfish is beautiful.


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