Explore the 47: Jones Gap State Park


IMG_5896We visited our first SC State Park last week! Jones Gap will forever be one of my favorites.

IMG_5786If you’re coming from Greenville, the drive is worth the (small) price of admission. It takes us roughly thirty minutes to get there and the mountains are breathtaking.

IMG_5789The kids were SO excited to pack their new Osprey Packs from Mast General Store. There were pockets inside pockets, which is a mini haven for JP. My little Hector Collector!

IMG_5793My favorite part of Jones Gap is the trail that leads to the actual park.

IMG_5809And then there’s the river. Oh the river. It sounds as beautiful as it looks. I am enveloped in calm the moment I walk across the bridge.



IMG_5799Preston’s really going to enjoy our hiking adventures! (He even has a hiking stick now, you’ll see that later this week).

IMG_5827 IMG_5829When you cross over the bridge, there’s a pond with fish. On this particular day. The kids watched a water snake for what felt like an eternity.

IMG_5830Jones Gap is just that – a gap in the mountain. You’ve not known relaxation until you’ve lounged in the adirondack chairs outside the Ranger store. No cell reception, no social media, no email. Just mountain air and river sounds.

IMG_5887If you forget bug spray, pick up a bottle of Ben’s inside the store.

IMG_5836If you are interested in visiting all 47 Parks, you can invest in a yearly park pass by visiting their website. You’ll get a guide book, packed with information about each park. It is SO helpful. Don’t forget to get a “passport” stamp – there’s a prize once you’ve gotten all 47 stamps!



IMG_5859We packed our cooler full of fruit and drinks. You’ll want to keep the paper to a minimum because there are no trash cans. No trash = no bears.

IMG_5864There are eight different hiking trails at Jones Gap. Click HERE for more info.  Our kids enjoyed playing in the river under the bridge. They threw rocks for hours.

IMG_5865Water shoes work out perfectly for this area.


IMG_5884Thank you, SC State Parks and Mast General Store for providing my family with endless adventures!

Check back Wednesday for more from Caesars Head. 

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