Explore the 47: Caesars Head State Park

IMG_5928Caesars Head State Park was next on our list of outdoor adventures and it didn’t disappoint.

IMG_5930Located at 8155 Geer Hwy in Cleveland, SC, Caesars Head is a must see!

IMG_5931You’ll see the Visitor’s Center when you first pull in. It is filled with goodies and tons of valuable information about the area.

IMG_5933JP loved this map. You can press the button of each location and it will light up to tell you where you are.

IMG_5934They have SO MANY books and an area where you can sit, relax and read.

IMG_5937The man and woman who ran the shop were SUPER nice! I’ll go back just to say hello to them again.

IMG_5938Boy, isn’t this the truth?! I’ve had so many people ask me why we haven’t been to the beach yet this summer. There’s no real reason, other than we are working hard to hit all the State Parks closest to home before venturing further out. Of course, it has a little to do with the fact that June is SO, SO crowded and it’s been crazy hot. We’ve enjoyed our time in the cool(er) mountain air these past couple of weeks.

IMG_5935Preston enjoyed sorting through the assortment of stones. Usually, this is JP’s go-to, but he was busy looking through the books.

IMG_5941Okay, on to the outdoors. Caesars Head has a nice, shaded (for the most part) picnic area. Numerous tables are stationed on the edge of the mountain so you can eat while hypnotized by the view. Since the Park doesn’t want to feed the bears, there are no trash cans on site. Whatever trash you generate goes home with you, so bring your own bags.

IMG_5943We snagged a hiking stick in the store for Preston (thanks, guys!) and he used it for the remainder of the day.



IMG_5951These views will stir your soul.


IMG_5955Make sure to carry your quarters!


IMG_5956Mast General was so generous to us and have made our travels so much more organized!


IMG_5964JP supporting #yeahTHATgreenville everywhere he goes.







Caesars Head State Park gives new meaning to the phrase “sitting on top of the world”.


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