Everyday Andrea|New Beginnings

A lot has changed for me this year. A lot is going to change for me this year. For those of you who’ve followed my family’s journey, you know that this blog means the world to me. It’s taken on many different faces over the years.

When I reflect back on 2006 when I chronicled our adoption process, I don’t think I wrote one single post with dry eyes. Every entry was so raw and emotional. One day I’d be happy and type out words full of hope and inspiration. The next post might be filled with explicit language (not too bad, my mom and dad read this) and rage. My faithful readers knew that when they stopped by, they would see something real and unfiltered. Sometimes happy and sometimes sad. During that time in my life, there was a lot of sad. Fast forward (more than) a few years and you see that sadness I felt every day completely covered by two things – God’s grace and the son I longed for all those years.

Now, when you visit this site, you see us galavanting around Greenville, taking road trips and lots of other miscellaneous stuff.  I guess you might label me “lifestyle,” but you rarely find recipes here. And FORGET about Home Decor. I can’t even write those words without laughing out loud! Our home decor currently consists of not enough bedrooms for the six of us, unfolded laundry piled on every chair in every room, a stiff peanut butter and jelly sandwich under the sheets on Preston’s bed (because he wanted to ”save it for later”) and an old refrigerator sitting in the middle of the dining room. We’ve been meaning to take it to Goodwill for a few weeks. And by ‘a few weeks,’ I mean four months. 

So, yeah, I’m definitely not your stop for decoration inspiration.

I’m not a cook or fitness guru. I’ll never be accused of being a fashion expert, (right, Megan?!) But I’m not quite as bad as my mom. With her Crocs and fuzzy Christmas  socks, (year round), you won’t read her entries on your favorite fashion blog.

So what in the world do I have to offer readers? That’s a good question. I assure you I’m nothing special, but I have been through a handful of traumatic (or real life) events that I’m willing to share with you. I don’t have a psychology degree, but I’ve lived in and around mental illness. I am not a counselor, but I’ve been divorced. I’m not a doctor or nurse, but I have many loved ones who have been touched by life-threatening health issues. I’m not a child psychiatrist, but I’m raising a child with (extreme) ADHD, OCD and an Anxiety Disorder.

As I look back over the past two years, I feel like this page has turned a little superficial at times. Don’t get me wrong, I love this city and I love journaling all of our adventures – I have no plan to stop that. I just want to sprinkle in a little more ANDREA for you. The REAL Andrea.

I’m ready to set aside the numbness I’ve felt the last few years and put the feelings back in my little space of the internet. I want to give you a reason to come back that’s deeper than what we had for lunch or what our weekend plans are.

I’ve kept pretty quiet about my personal life since our adoption. So much has taken place.  Again, some happy, some sad. I heard a preacher say once, “find purpose in your pain.” Well, I’ve certainly experienced pain. Haven’t we all? I’m beginning to think that part of my “purpose” might be to walk others through theirs.

I’ve wanted to write. I’ve just not been able to. I know first hand that when you’re a mom and your life falls apart, you have one job – keep it together! Years later, and more lessons learned than I can count, I finally have a handle on our ‘new normal.’ I’m ready to write again.


So, hi. I’m Andrea. I am a forty year old divorced mother of an eleven year old boy. I live at home with my mom, dad, sister and seven year old nephew. Needless to say, our family puts the FUN in dysfunctional and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Well, that’s 80% true. Some days I might wish it was another way.)

This is my introduction to a new series called Everyday Andrea. I’m not going to start out with a specific schedule, because I’m unorganized and not sure I can keep the commitment. At first, I want to (at least) share once a month. As time goes on, I want to post as often as I feel led. And please don’t worry, I promise not to depress you. Some days you might pop over to find a book review or an opinion I have about something going on in the news. Or maybe I’ll get on my soapbox and rant. Also, I pinky swear I’ll complain about Parenting more than once.

Have I already scared you off? I hope not. I appreciate you guys and love the fact that you care enough about my family to keep stopping by.

That’s all for now. I haven’t written nine hundred words in a long time.

I need a nap.











  1. Love you friend! Our family is so grateful to you and your family for your prayers, love and support through difficult and joyful times!😘


  2. Love you writing, wit and humor! Remember us little people when you become famous!
    You’re my person🙌
    Love, G


  3. Beautiful entry. Life’s reflections, emotions and memories. I’m blessed to be on this journey with you. “Purpose in your pain” really struck a chord with me. I believe you have disconcerted your purpose, and thank you for sharing with everyone! ❤️


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