Restaurant Week: Cantina76


IMG_8250I hope you didn’t think I was going to let Restaurant Week go by without visiting Cantina76. Since coming onto the Greenville food scene August 1, 2016, Cantina has been at THE TOP of my Favorites list and it’s not going anywhere.

IMG_8267During Restaurant Week, (you have until Sunday), they are offering guests a three course meal for $15. I mean, really. These days, you can’t order ONE course for $15, much less three.


IMG_8254We ordered Guacamole, Queso and Salsa for our chips. I’m not lying when I tell you, I could eat my weight in Queso. And, no, I’m not telling you how much I weigh! 

IMG_8261Before we ordered, Tre (the manager and my new best friend), brought out a round of Specialty Margaritas. (We ordered ours without alcohol, but they have plenty of flavors to choose from and they ALL sound delicious). 



IMG_8258Roasted Chicken Taco Salad 

IMG_8260Chimichanga. This one was mine and I could have eaten 2, (or 12), of them!


If for no other reason, head there to eat this piece of sin. I’m already craving another one.


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