Waterfalls & Mountain Slides Are Better with Your BFF

IMG_8109Last week we decided to head back to Wildcat Falls and Long Shoals because the boys’ friend, Caroline, had never been. And not experiencing these two parks is simply not acceptable.

IMG_8121I love waterfalls after it’s rained. The rushing water is magical.



IMG_8135“I had the greatest friend when I was a little kid and I got to keep her for the rest of my life.” 

I can’t handle how much love I feel for these two little humans. I love their friendship and the love they have for one another. I pray their bond follows them through adulthood. (Because, yes, guys and girls can JUST be friends!)




IMG_8134Apparently Preston thought we were going scuba diving. PSA: We found this mask at Dollar General for $3 and it works better than his most expensive goggles from the swim store. 


IMG_8128 We hopped back in the car – sandy and soaking wet, so the car looks GREAT – and headed down the road to slide.










IMG_8157When we dropped Caroline off at the end of the day, she told her mom and dad that it was “the best day she’s ever had.” I would have to agree. I know that Greenville has several waterparks, but you just can’t beat NATURAL (and free).

This morning we jumped on the road and headed to the mountains, once again, to kick off the weekend with a BANG and celebrate the end of summer! Preston starts school on Monday! He’s less than excited so we wanted to cheer him up at South Carolina’s very own little Caribbean Island…

You’ll have to following along in our Insta Stories (@acbeam) for more!

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