Spooooky Spots in Greenville

IMG_0128You won’t find me getting excited over Christmas this time of year (or any time of year, unfortunately) but give me Halloween and haunted stories and I’m a happy girl!

Recently I wrote a story for Travelers Rest Here about some of Greenville’s most haunted spots.




DSC00669You guys already know that I love cemeteries. I added Springwood to my list because of the many Confederate graves – several of those are rumored to be haunted. However, as I dug a little deeper, I came across a much more fascinating story!


IMG_0894I’m not sure what’s more scary to me – the grave or the fact that Preston’s wearing a toboggan when it’s 85 degrees outside! I know my Clemson friends reading this are more afraid of his jersey (wink).



IMG_0119I could have written pages and pages on this topic. Unfortunately I only had the time (and space) to share a few. You can read the full story HERE. 

As Halloween creeps (no pun intended) up on us, you can check out my review of Greenville’s Ghost Tour HERE.  JP and I enjoyed the early tour a couple of years ago, but there are definitely some things parents will want to consider before taking children. I included those in the article. I also want to mention that the owner, Jason, unfortunately passed away a few weeks ago. It is my understanding that the tour is still running, but please check their website (plug in Greenville Ghost Tour into Google) for updated information, pricing and times. 


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