Lee State Park is an Equestrian Dream

IMG_0926I’ve mentioned before that we are having so much fun Exploring the 47 State Parks. We’ve traveled to places around the state that we had no idea existed. I’m a broken record, but I love South Carolina. It is rich in history and beauty.

And every week I stand amazed.

DSC00987When we visited Lee State Park, we met the nicest men with the most beautiful horses. They were so nice to let me take photos.

DSC00988Lee State Park is an equestrian dream. The campground has sites for the horses. Unfortunately I can’t find those photos, but it was so sweet! 


DSC00990Meet Pebbles (note the ponytail). Isn’t she cute?




DSC00995Happy Friday, you guys! We kicked off our weekend with tacos and lots of laughs with “framily.”

The cooler weather has officially arrived. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-sixties and sunny – I can’t wait!

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