I Love My Table











DSC01437These photos really have nothing to do with this blog post, but I thought they were pretty cute of JP, so I thought I’d share. Also, we think the new Greenville360 gear is pretty awesome. The hat is seriously the most comfortable one I’ve ever owned. You can get yours at P Squared in Greenville! 

When I started typing out this post, I had no idea what I wanted to write. Things have been pretty slow around here lately (I’m not complaining) so I guess you could say I’ve not had much to “bring to the table.”

Then I started thinking about tables.

I know it’s Wednesday but I can’t seem to get this past weekend off my mind. My tables looked a lot like this…




IMG_1676These photos are from Friday, Sunday and Monday night. To you, I’m sure they just look like food. To me, they represent life.

Relationships. Love. Family. Friends.

If you watched my Insta Stories this week (@acbeam), you saw that we spent a lot of time around the table with friends. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve been out of town so much these past few months or what, but these simple meals filled my spirit and made my heart feel whole. I loved every second of every minute of every meal. And it had little to do with the food – although the food was AMAZING!

It had everything to do with the company. The laughs. The tears (yes, there were a few tears on Monday) and the conversations that took place. Some silly, some deep.

All precious.

Who’s sitting around your table? Are you loving those around you hard, or are you hardly loving those around you? 

It’s hump-day – the weekend is right around the corner…

Call your best friend. Plan a cookout. Cook Sunday dinner. Whatever you do, be intentional about your relationships and invest in the people who are present.









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