Halloween 2018


DSC01450This Halloween I realized something. Gone are the days of Superhero and Fireman costumes. I know it’s normal, but <insert tear>. Preston wasn’t with us this year, so I was only able to take these two photos of him before he left with his dad.

JP decided he was too old to trick or treat. He wanted to spend the night watching scary movies. I was 100% okay with that. It meant I didn’t have to get out of my pajamas.

IMG_1713JP did agree to let me take photos of him in a Halloween-ish type shirt.










DSC01473Sorry for the late post and for being a little M.I.A the end of last week. Things have really slowed down around here lately, but somehow I feel like I’ve been more busy. How does that happen?

Anyway. Halloween was really nice (for me) this year. I’m glad it’s over. Except now Christmas music is playing on the radio. Ahhhhhh! It’s not even Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving… hands down, my favorite holiday and I can’t wait to celebrate in a little over two weeks!

I’m working (sort of) hard to stay focused and be productive today.





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