Restaurant Week ’19|Dave & Buster’s

I don’t know that I have ever been as lazy as I was this weekend. JP was with his dad and I was in my pajamas from Friday to Monday morning. When Monday afternoon rolled around, I was ready to get out of the house!

dsc02085Lucky for me, it’s Restaurant Week in South Carolina. Lucky for the kids, Dave & Buster’s is participating.


img_3613The boys were excited when I told them we were going to spend the evening playing games. I was excited to check out the Restaurant Week menu!

img_3594This was my first trip to Dave & Buster’s and I was expecting to fill up on “bar food.” You know, burgers, fries, chicken fingers, etc. I was blown away by the menu.

img_3596I started out with the Parmesan Caesar Salad.

img_3599Clearly I had already geared myself up for a burger, but my tastebuds were not prepared for the Triple Bacon Burger.

img_3600 The most scrumptious surprise of the night was the Fire – Grilled Salmon. I did not expect them to serve Salmon. Talk about a mouth watering dish!  And the green beans… OH. MY. YUM! 

img_3604I am somewhat of a “chocolate-holic”. A chocolate chip cookie melted into a brownie is  my love language.


dsc02093Both boys loved their chicken strips and fries. I’m pretty sure they ingested the entire thing without chewing.  They were so ready to get on the game floor. Dave & Buster’s was kind enough to hook them up with a Power Card. I knew we were in for a long night.  (Dragging Preston out of bed this morning was just lovely.)






dsc02131They had a FOUR-MAN Air Hockey table! I have never seen one of these before. Don’t tell RWSC, but this was the highlight of my night and the reason I will return to this location! 


dsc02110Dave & Buster’s is the perfect spot for families.

 Please note: the RW menu caters to adults, however, they offer a regular kids’ menu and the prices are on point. 


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