Art Smart Science Detective|Melinda Long

dsc02061I’ve been staring at the cursor for an eternity, trying to come up with paragraphs full of colorful adjectives and catchy phrases to introduce Melinda Long’s new book to you. After my 210th attempt, I highlighted the text, pressed delete, and here we are.

img_3554All I really want you to know is, Melinda Long is a wonderfully talented children’s writer. She has the heart of a teacher and if you aren’t familiar with her books, you (and especially your children) are missing out!


dsc02075Art Smart Science Detective: The Case of the Sliding Spaceship has landed on JP’s favorites list.

When Art and his friends use his telescope to gaze at the stars, they are “shocked to see a purple spaceship hurling toward Earth…”  Do Art and the science detectives call the police or do they take matters into their own hands? 

dsc02080JP and I aren’t going to tell!

You’ll have to purchase the book and find out for yourself. The Case of the Sliding Spaceship will soon be available on Amazon, or you can pick up a copy at Fiction Addiction. (The book will be available in most stores, but we want you to shop local!) 



dsc02079Teachers, you can download an educators packet to go along with the story, here.

Now that I’m homeschooling, (that still feels strange to write out loud), I love that Melinda has included materials to support us in our science journey.

When you look around, it’s obvious why Greenville is listed in top magazines as a must-see travel destination. What might not be as obvious to visitors (and maybe a local or two) is that we are home to this New York Times Best Selling author.

*I did not receive payment and/or compensation of any kind for writing this post. All opinions are my own* 



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