Charlie & Sampson Take A Hike|Paris Mountain State Park

dsc02254You can call us brave. JP and I decided to get the pups out this week for a little adventure.

dsc02247We kept things close to home since this was the fur-babes first visit to a park. Paris Mountain was the perfect setting for their first hike.




dsc02253I would be lying if I told you everything went smoothly. It was a (not so) beautiful disaster for the first thirty minutes.


dsc02250JP carries his smile around everywhere he goes, always ready to whip it out and make the most of an extremely frustrating moment. I love traveling with him!

dsc02255I’m sure these two “kids” ate every leaf on the ground, sniffed every tree and reminded me of all the reasons we need to really work hard this week training them to walk on a leash.





dsc02257Sampson and Charlie have a lot to learn. I guess maybe we do too. If nothing else, JP and I spent several hours of uninterrupted time together and shared a lot of laughs. I’m calling it a win.

As always, things have been pretty crazy in our corner of the world. The pups still wake up at least once during the night. So, when I’m not working, I can be found passed out on the living room couch. They are SO SWEET though and we love them dearly. Everyone but Nanny, who we’ve affectionately named Cruella de Vil. We’re still waiting on her to show up one day sporting a shiny, new black and tan fur coat! Simmer down animal-lovers, it’s a joke! 


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