Explore the 47: Kings Mountain State Park


img_3960 Preston was home from school yesterday. His symptoms had finally subsided and keeping him inside was making me sick.  We decided a State Park run was definitely in order.

dsc02265As you can see, we took the fur babies with us on this trip. I was a little hesitant, but they ended up doing a great job. Honestly, they behaved better than the human children! 




img_3971I took the majority of my photos at The Living History Farm. The views were amazing.








img_3968The Living History Farm was closed for the season, but we  did meet a couple of horses and a donkey.

I wish we had gotten an earlier start. The State Park is adjacent to the Kings Mountain National Military Park. In fact, you drive thru the National Park to get to the entrance of the State Park.  Our quick trip didn’t allow time to visit the National Park.  When the weather warms a bit, we’ll block off an entire day and take advantage of all both Parks have to offer.  The whole tribe is looking forward to another trip up I-85.

If you want to make plans to visit all 47 State Parks, your most affordable option is the Park Passport. Visit the SC State Parks website to purchase yours.

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