Dinner (with the kids) at Virginia’s

DSC04424These two models (as they like to call themselves) were excited about our dinner at Virginia’s on King last week. “I love eating in fancy places,” Lydia said as she skipped down the block.

DSC04426I’m not sure I would describe Virginia’s as “fancy,” but it’s warm, cozy and has a killer kids’ menu.

IMG_5516Beginning with Appetizersdiners enjoy uptown dishes with down home flavors.

DSC04439Lightly breaded and seasoned to perfection, the fried green tomatoes speak straight to my soul. Every time.

DSC04434There’s a new chef in town – Kevin Bruntz. Mouth-watering tomato pie proves he understands good ole deep-down southern dishes. What a treat to the taste buds. Hey Kevin, our party gives you FIVE STARS!

DSC04438“Souper” She-Crab Soup is always on the table when we visit Virginia’s(And probably always will be). 

DSC04447Virginia’s Fried Chicken surrounded by squash casserole and Hoppin’ John rice puts the South in your mouth! A serving of juicy, crispy chicken was enough to share with our 8-year old, even though he had already eaten his own chicken legs. You know you’ve got a hit on your hands when picky eaters ask for more.

Something to keep in mind: the rice has a mild ‘kick’ to it. If spice isn’t your thing, you may wanna choose a different, but equally as satisfying, side. 

DSC04449The Low Country Special Monday night was fried trout with Charleston Crab rice. This unique blend of flavors was amazing. I guess I’ll have to stop in a different day each week to catch the nightly specials. I sure wouldn’t want to miss one!

DSC04450Presentation is not everything, but it sure adds to the dining experience. These crab cakes almost looked too good to eat. I got over it.

DSC04446“Kiss my grits” and throw some fried fish on top! The fried fish and cheddar grits were fabulous. Portions were enormous. I ate cheddar grits right out of the brown carry out box for breakfast the next morning.


DSC04442Virginia’s on King has a terrific kids’ menu. Many choices are offered so all children can find something that appeals to their particular tastes. That’s my way of nicely complaining about how irritatingly picky they can be. 


IMG_5522Our tiny tribe quickly selected their favorites and ate every bite.


20FB963D-479B-4302-951C-B404BC5F68ACWe filled four to-go boxes to make room for the desserts. No true southern feast would be complete without key lime or pecan pie and banana pudding – move over grandma! 

DSC04451So glad Preston and Lydia got to meet our favorite waiter, Thomas. He always takes such good care of us and we look forward to seeing him each time we go. Hey Thomas! 

Jake, manager, and Thomas epitomize southern hospitality and make each experience at Virginia’s exceptional.

We’ll be sure to include a little history in our next post about Virginia’s on King. So stay tuned. 



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