Identity Crisis|The Many Faces of Preston

Important Notice: This blog has been hacked by Andrea’s mother and this post was not written by Andrea.

Little girls love dressing their Barbie dolls. Preston loves playing dress-up with himself. Characters appear on a daily basis. Most are directly related to his favorite television shows or YouTube videos. Heroes, real and fictional, provide lots of inspiration. Fireman suits and police gear are crammed in tubs with Spider-man and Hulk masks.


In the beginning, costumes he insisted we purchase provided all the wardrobe he needed. His imagination eventually outgrew ready-made attire. He began adding his own clothes to create the characters he played. Preston regularly raids his closet and dresser to design his own creations.

“Monk”, his favorite television show, inspired his latest outfit. He wears his “funeral suit” (with added necessities like handcuffs, badge, etc.) to impersonate Lt. Randy Disher, a policeman who works with Monk.


Preston’s own description of himself says it best. “I’m a chameleon,” he said as he climbed to the top of the door frame wearing camouflage pants and jacket stocked with walkie-talkies and guns.


When we planned a trip to Charleston for a Pirate Scavenger Hunt from the Exchange Building and Provost Dungeon, Preston designed his suit and packed a backpack so he could be ready.


Preston’s imagination is as big as his heart – and oh, how we love him!


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