Everyday Andrea|Not-So-Mid-Year Resolutions

At the turn of each year, a lot of blogs and almost all social media posts talk about New Year’s resolutions. Guess what? I didn’t make any this year. Not a single one. I’m going to consider it at WIN if I’m able to keep my sanity in tact (what little I have) and remember to feed the boys dinner each night. Wait. Bologna and saltine crackers count as dinner, right?! 

I feel like if I make an actual ‘resolution,’ I will fail. At least that’s what’s happened in the past. Having said that, with just over six months left in the year, I do have a few GOALS I would like to work towards.

Physical – I’m afraid this goal isn’t one I made by choice. I know this borders on TMI, but my IBS flares up often, causing me to change my diet. I’ve tried ignoring it, but obviously that’s gotten me nowhere. Go figure. I try to cut out fried foods, (most) sweets and (most) breads. Oh, and apparently I am no longer able to tolerate milk – insert allll the crying emojis because I LOVE milk! I’m not really winning in this department, but there’s always “tomorrow.” In my defense, it’s hard when you’re constantly reviewing restaurants and food! So there. It’s not my fault.

Mental – While you won’t find me bathing in incense (like some people I know and love), I do plan to unplug from electronics at a certain time in the evenings and read more books. You may wanna ask me later how I’m doing with this one. Just don’t ask me today. 

Spiritual – I have been writing devotionals more regularly. Although it looks like I won’t reach my goal of having 365 by the end of the year, I am going to try and write one each week. That’s not so scary.

Social – I love my family and friends. I think I am doing pretty good with this one. I will  continue to be intentional about spending time with my people and loving them hard.

There you have it. My goals for the next few months. If you happen to see me, please just don’t ask how it’s going – I don’t want to have to lie.

I am working in Charleston for the next couple of days. Then, we’ll be home for a little over twenty-four hours before heading up the mountain to JellyStone Park in Golden Valley, NC. The kids are SO excited. Be sure to follow us at @acbeam, @greenville360 and @charleston360 this weekend for behind-the-scenes fun!


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