Labor Day Weekend 2020

I forgot about the holiday weekend until it was here. Our week days are so busy! My brain is complete mush by the time Friday arrives.

Having said that, I could not have asked for a better weekend. Our house was full of family and friends and laughter. Our pool was filled with a few of my favorite people. I even got to enjoy a nice meal in a restaurant without children!

31b46a56-1c4b-4080-9d85-f2ffc15c99b9(We wore real clothes and everything!)

You know what the best part was? Covid-19 didn’t feel like a thing. It’s been a long time since things were normal around here.

Today (Monday), we went for a hike at Paris Mountain. Sunshine, fresh air and exercise was just what my soul needed. 

img_6460There was even a picnic table in the shade. Everything tastes better with a side of fresh air!

These BFFs are growing up way too fast.


We’re prepared for another busy week! Our days are running much smoother. I’ll post an update for you soon. I’m learning how each kid learns and we’ve fallen into a routine that is less stressful.

Alright… I’m off to bed.  I know it’s only 7:45, but I’m beat. 


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