Missing in Action?

Hey! Remember me?

It’s been a while. Too long. I’ve not updated the blog because things have been crazy busy around here. In a very good way.

Homeschool is in full swing and by the end of the day, I’m beat. Exhausted.

School is going really well. In the beginning, I was shell shocked. I overestimated how smoothly the transition would be for the fourth graders. I had to daily remind myself (and still do) that homeschool is new to them and a lot to get used to. Eight weeks in, I’m happy to report, things are great! They’ve learned SO MUCH! I’ll do a full update soon.

It’s non-stop activity every day. The children aren’t the only ones learning a lot! I really look forward to the weekends – a time to relax and recharge.

Saturdays are reserved for adventures. Clearly I’ve not been able to pull out enough brain power to write a blog post, so I’m just gonna share some of our photos from the last few weekends. These were all taken from my iPhone – I never seem to remember to pack my camera. I might need a nap (or twenty).

Riverwatch Bar & Grill, Chimney Rock, SC
My new favorite thing is a roadside produce stand! Especially on a mountain parkway!
We’ve always loved the little town of Brevard, NC
Black Mountain, NC
Flat Rock, NC

Hope all of you are doing well. I really do have a TON to share. My goal is to do a MUCH better job posting. Maybe it’ll be easier since we’ve settled into more of a routine. Everything changed so fast, ya know? For so long, I felt like I was spinning. I am just now beginning to feel normal again. Whatever that means.

In other news, this guy turned ONE!

We’re heading down to Charleston next week, so I’ll check in and post more pics from the road!

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