South Carolina Aquarium

Greenville has a pretty tight relationship with the South Carolina Aquarium. We’ve enjoyed taking advantage of the different educational programs over the years.

I won’t share a lot of details in this post. I’m working on a story for Greenville360 and will share the link when it’s published.

This was Jackson’s first trip and HE LOVED IT! We strolled him in and out of each room, a permanent smile painted across his face.

The talented team designed a Haunted Trail that runs thru Halloween!

Again, I’ll share the spooky details in our GVL post, but the kids (and adults) were quite impressed.

Charleston is such an easy drive from the upstate. Our fourth graders are studying South Carolina history, and there’s no better place to learn than the Low Country!

Things may look a little different these days (masks, etc) but the memories remain the same.

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