Alexa, Take Us to the Sea

Preston has been begging to ride his skimboard for weeks, and I needed to get away for a bit. Saturday, we hopped in the car and headed to the low country.

My second home.

The weather was perfect.

As you can see, Preston had a rough time.

He’s decided he wants to surf. Those of you who really know me understand how happy I am! We told him he had to use the skimboard and work on his balance this year. Then, I’ll begin searching for a “surf school.” I know South Carolina isn’t exactly surf central, but it’ll be enough for Preston.

We stopped by Shem Creek for an early dinner. Fresh seafood and calming views…

We left really early Saturday morning. JP woke up (even though I was really, really quiet) and panicked because I was leaving. For those of you who are new here, I leave him with my mom and dad when I travel. (There are a lot of new people visiting – thank you!)

Part of his new anxiety trend is wanting EVERYONE to be together at home under one roof.

It’s just not realistic.

“I love you. You’ll be fine,” I whispered. With tears trickling down his cheeks and a knot forming in the back of my throat, we walked out the door.

I was proud of myself for not crying all the way to Charleston. In the long run, it’s best for him that I leave. The distance is healthy. He needs to use the skills he’s learned to cope when I’m not around.

He ended up having a great day. No panic attacks! I couldn’t help but smile – we’d finally turned the corner! (He’s had a panic attack every day for almost four weeks).

Unfortunately, my excitement was premature. He fell apart before bed. I’m not gonna lie – I was SO frustrated! “I don’t understand! You’ve been great all day. Why are you doing this now that I’m home?!” I semi-raised-my-voice.

“I guess I’m just exhausted from holding it in all day.” He said.

That made sense. He worked so hard all day to keep his anxiety in check. When I got home, the gate flew open and his emotions poured out.

It didn’t last long. Thank goodness. No. Thank God.

There’s good that comes with the bad. If I could take away JP’s anxiety I would. It’s exhausting and, at times, traumatic. But you know what?

He comes into my room now and asks me to pray with him. He prays out loud and asks God to help him through his feelings. We listen to praise music. He doesn’t argue with me when I ask him to watch church online.

If God uses this season of life to bring Jp closer to Him, you won’t hear me complain.

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