Long Weekend in Hell, I Mean, Charleston

I have several posts scheduled to publish over this next week. I wanted to go ahead and share my Charleston content before it slips through the cracks in my scattered brain!

Allyson and I skipped out of town for a long weekend, after a long week. It was so good to get away for a minute.

But let me tell you, IT WAS HOT as… well, hell!

The trip was low key from start to finish. No plans. No agenda. No work. Nothing.

Just salty air, good food (mostly, but that’s another story) and great conversation.

We did a lot of this. And that was okay with me because y’all know I love a good hotel room. I especially love Hotel Indigo Mt. Pleasant.
Chasing seagulls on Sullivans.

Somehow I’ve missed this spot at Folly Beach. Have you been to the Lost Dog Cafe? Allyson suggested we go for breakfast Monday morning. “It’s your kind of vibe,” she said.

She was right.

I’m going to research the story and write up a separate post.
The only thing better than sweet tea is sweet tea in a mason jar!

I loved the food! They served bananas with their fruit – nobody ever serves bananas with fruit. So, thank you for that. (Don’t worry, Stax, we’ll see you Friday!)

I can’t wait to take JP and Preston! JP would die over all the dog photos.

We tried to have dinner at Fleet Landing. It didn’t work out.

PSA: when visiting their website, be sure to read the fine print. Altho they’re open, they will not seat you and serve dinner until 5 pm. We showed up at 4. Waiting an hour with action Jackson was not in the cards. On another day, in another season, it would not have been a problem. The restaurant is located beside Waterfront Park. We would have walked around, looked for dolphin, and enjoyed the evening. I just didn’t want to have to shower again.

Fleet is a forever favorite – just not at 4pm in August with a toddler.

I won’t mention where we ended up because I don’t want to trash talk a local Charleston restaurant. Feel free to email or text me and I’ll share our experience privately. It was worse than terrible. Being 1,000,000 degrees didn’t help. Even Jackson was sweating and crying.

Note to self: when it’s this hot, stay in, have food delivered, and hit the pool!

It was a quick trip but did the trick!

I hope you guys are having a good week! We’re heading out of town this weekend to one of our FAVORITE spots.

Stay tuned…

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