All Around GVL|Fernwood Nature Trail

You’ve heard of writer’s block. It’s a real thing! So much is going on around here. I’m completely distracted. You should see my draft folder for this blog. I have four thousand posts I need to publish. We’re out of town on vacation this week. I typically get more writing done when I’m away from home – let’s hope that holds true!

Today I wanted to introduce you to a short nature trail we discovered last week in Greenville.

Fernwood Nature Trail is located across the street from Cleveland Park. It’s a very short, very easy loop. Perfect for toddlers. Or people like Faye who have no desire to hike.

Our friend, Emily, was on a mission to find a type of mushroom that’s been spotted in the area. I won’t go into detail about that because I don’t know the details about that. 😆 I love to eat mushrooms, but I’m gonna leave the research up to somebody else.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find mushrooms. We did find a little creek and, well, you know how much our kids love a creek.

The trail can be walked in about thirty minutes (if you walk really slow). We hung out about an hour because of the water. Once upon a time, the area was part of an old horse trail – back when the stables were functional across the street.

Note To Self: always keep a bag of extra clothes, shoes, and towels in trunk of your car. I used to be so good at this. These kids ended up in the stream, fully clothed, and soaked from head to toe. We’re not sorry. You can’t put a price tag on those memories.

We ended the morning on the playground. The trail & playground are right beside The Big Dog Show exhibit – we parked there. When you go, be sure to check out the k9 sculptures.

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