VBS + A Little Bit of Catch Up

Remember when I said we were rolling from the beach into the parking lot of church for VBS? Well, that’s pretty much what we did and I am exhausted.

Do you guys have Vacation Bible School at your church, or have memories of attending VBS as a child? I really do enjoy it. We usually help with 2nd grade and always have a good class. I’m here to tell you – VBS week is a special kind of tired. Maybe it’s just having somewhere to GO every single night? I don’t know. But here I lay on the couch, flat on my back, and not the least bit sorry. I did tell mom this was the last year we would plan a week at the beach anywhere in the vicinity of VBS. I think we can all agree that, although nice, there is nothing “vacation” about a week at the beach with a group of kids. Coming home to more kids and nightly activities has just about done me in.

This guy. Crowds + activities = way out of his comfort zone. He chose to go every night and LOVED it! I’m so proud of him. I’ll use this moment to give another shout out to Extract Labs. JP truly could not do the things he’s doing without CBD. A lot of the pharmaceuticals prescribed for teens often have the opposite effect once they hit puberty. Taking JP off of everything and starting CBD was THE BEST decision for us. I’m certainly not a doctor and you should do your own research, but it’s been a game changer for him. If you, or anyone you know, suffers from anxiety, head over to Extract Labs and check them out. This is not sponsored, I’m just grateful. (I’m also not against traditional medication. I’m well aware it’s needed in some cases. Every person is different).

Jackson joined us a couple of nights and lived his best life. He’s the star of the show just about everywhere he goes. As you can see, he’s aged a bit since the last time you saw him.

Our church doesn’t have a two year old group in VBS, so he stayed with us. He held his own with the older kids. You know, because he’s genius. 😉

There was a color run the last night. Preston is somewhere in the fog. I’m also going to take a moment to brag on him. He’d kill me, but whatever.

Contrary to what all of us have assumed, he doesn’t like the spotlight. He actually begged to stay home the last night because he was terrified he would be “made” to stand on stage and sing with his group. We assured him that would not happen. We planned it all out. He would march in with the fifth graders and when it was time to sing, he’d go and sit with Laurie and dad. Well, when it came time to sing, there goes Preston up on stage. What in the world. Turns out, his friend was scared too, so he stayed up there with him so he wouldn’t be alone. Cue the tears. And yes I did actually cry.

We don’t force our kids to do things at church (gasp). It’s not effective. We want them to participate because they want to. Preston chose to go, chose to sing, and I’ve never been more proud. Not because he sang the songs, but because he did something really hard for the sake of another person. Like I said, it made me cry.


Before the summer started, I made out a Summer Bucket List. Wanna know how many items have been checked off? Yeah, none. It’s just too dang hot. I’ve not been able to muster up the energy to walk out the front door, much less engage in an activity. I’ve apologized to the kids, but they don’t seem to care. We’ve spent lots of time in the pool with friends and family and just chilled. We definitely do our share of on-the-go in the fall and spring. Speaking of fall, who’s ready for cooler temps? I know we are.

I also planned to continue homeschooling during the summer. That didn’t happen either. Next week, we’re signing them up for a big co-op for the school year. Preston is pumped. JP hasn’t fully committed, and that’s okay. He’ll have the option if he decides to participate. It will be so good for Preston. He loves schooling at home, but really, really misses having groups of friends. This particular co-op does all the parties and dances and graduations, etc. – all the social stuff they’ve missed out on.

Everyone else is doing pretty well. Jack is still working every day. Mom and I are swamped with work – especially now that one of my books is being published. I had no idea how much work was involved with that. Yesterday I submitted my first packet of paperwork to my publisher. It took two weeks to fill it out. It included the blurb for the back cover. I really wanted to take my time with that. We have several other projects in the works. We’ve even recruited my sister to help with two of them. I would like to have another manuscript ready to submit when this one is published. Fingers crossed.

We’re starting a new series at Greenville360 called 360 Travels. I’m excited about it. I’ve been working with PR and marketing firms around South Carolina and other states to set up family friendly adventures. Hopefully this fall and spring we’ll be doing some traveling and have plenty to share with Greenville!

I guess that’s about it. If you need me this weekend, I can be found right here. On my back. Under a blanket. Dozing in and out of consciousness. HAPPY WEEKEND!

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