It Didn’t Rain on Our Parade|Jones Gap State Park

Our goal was to take Preston fishing and let JP and Jackson hike a little bit. We knew it was supposed to rain, but didn’t care. Doesn’t it rain every afternoon during the summer?

We LOVE (I mean, really love) Jones Gap State Park. It’s super shaded and almost always about ten degrees cooler. There are so many tall trees, I didn’t think the rain would matter. It didn’t. We got soaked, but it was SO fun! I prayed on the way that God wouldn’t let it thunder and lightening. The boys had their heart set on a day in the woods. Thank You, God!

JP almost didn’t get out of bed to go. Mornings are not easy for him. He tells me his brain doesn’t shut off at night. By the time he’s able to fall asleep, it’s usually well after midnight. My sister tells me the same thing. It makes sense that if someone has issues with serotonin during the day, their melatonin would be affected at night. JP’s far from a morning person. I told him he didn’t have to go, but I thought he might regret it if he didn’t. Jones Gap is his favorite.

He chose to go, snapping photos the whole time.

I don’t know if it’s because the water in the river is constantly rushing or because it was raining hard at times, but the fishing was no good. Do those things matter to fish? I certainly don’t know.

Always finding rocks

About halfway thru our hike, (JP, Jackson, and I hiked while Preston and Laurie fished), JP remembered that our Osprey Pack came with a rain cover! It was wonderful not having to worry about everything on the inside getting wet!

I feel so good right now. I’m tired, sore, still wet, and cold. But I can’t stop smiling. When we take all three boys places, they get along. Mostly the two oldest just ogle over the littlest. Today, JP and Preston enjoyed each other’s company. They laughed, slid down rocks, dove into waterfalls, skipped rocks, and caught minnows in Preston’s boot. Together. This probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to y’all. Maybe it’s the peri-menopause speaking, but it brought tears to my eyes. I was struck with an overwhelming surge of gratefulness. For family. For where we live. For this time. It was a really good day. The kind I’d rewind and play again if I could.

Even in the rain.

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