Summer Adventures|Roper Mountain Science Center

Summer Adventures at Roper Mountain Science Center ends THIS Saturday, August 6th. Do not miss your chance to visit this weekend!

I was excited to take JP to the Mayan exhibit. He made a B-line to the puzzle. No surprise there.

We love RMSC for many reasons. When I tell you that these boys would LIVE in the Marine Lab, I’m not exaggerating. I would too.

They loved touching the sting rays and horseshoe crabs. Jackson’s favorite was the catshark. The volunteer at the tank told us that the catshark was basically a dog in the water. No kidding. It swam back and forth letting everyone “rub” its back.

Moving into one of the classrooms, JP felt the need to hold a python. Umm, no thank you.

I appreciate all nature, but you will never see me holding a snake of any kind. I didn’t even touch it.

I’m so thankful we are homeschooling again this year. It’s exciting watching them learn (hands on) each day!

Thank you, Roper Mountain for everything you do for our community. We’re lucky to have you in Greenville!

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